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The Natural World Project is responsible for creating a networking web. We establish partnerships, connect members to create new fronts for City Farm (Fazendinha Didática) - TNWP in urban centers in different Brazilian states. We represent the best in innovative concepts for children's awareness of environmental preservation through agriculture, environmental education (extra-curricular) and healthy eating. Learn how to be part of our project:

School Network (members)

We help our member schools find resources by offering them resource guides of our related activities in our urban green spaces, with closer proximity to the schools. want to be part of our school network?

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Educators Network (members)

We are committed to working together with highly trained professionals from northern Europe and Italy to increase the quality of our services.

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Cultivating Communities. Growing Together!

We will connect in an organized way, the entities involved, guiding, inspiring, advising and representing hundreds of organizations across Brazil, including schools, educators, and urban gardens.
We will provide practical support to schools, such as organizing visits to natural environments, implement training courses, networking events, parties.
We will defend our members before regional, national and international bodies, ensuring that their problems and needs are in the eyes - and in the minds - of decision makers. Working in partnership with other organizations means that we can have positive effects on crucial issues facing the environment. This partnership also allows us to help members to bring more benefits to their local communities.

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It is a joy to have you with us transforming communities. Send us an email or contact us by phone!
+55 (11) 98994-6618

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Membership benefits include:

• Counseling, training and networking as well as franchise opportunities.
• Use of the TNWP project's brand and intellectual property.
• Discounted participation fees at our conferences, training and networking events attended mainly by highly qualified professionals from abroad. Access, when available, to networking events or trips to learn from other organizations.
• Advice from our experienced team and expert volunteer consultants.
• Membership to our specialized networks.
• Apply to go through our 'Code of Practice' process: This service is currently for TNWP members who provide or are looking to provide FAZENDINHA DIDÁTICA services and has an annual TNWP member’s fee.
• Keep you informed by newsletters with updates, opportunities, news etc. Specific regional / national updates with relevant information.
• Specialized resources of our website to help you develop your work with ideal online solutions, optimized with high quality content for visitors, thus ensuring a strong sense of belonging.
• Advertising and promotion: To be included in our online map of pedagogues, member schools and urban gardens that work to improve the lives of communities across Brazil. We can advertise your work on our website (cost for non-members subject to consultation). Be a Resource in our publications! We are always looking for good case studies from members that demonstrate solid environmental practices to help grow and inspire other people and initiatives.
• Member discounts and offers. Receive discounts with a selection of suppliers on a variety of products and services. Access to an insurance plan that offers public and voluntary liability coverage. We also offer member discounts on TNWP services, including feasibility studies, community consultation, tailored training, facilitation, presentations and lectures.