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At the Natural World Project there are several different ways to contribute. Did you know that instead of paying all the tax due to your 2020/2021 income tax return, you can devote part of this amount to the Natural World Project? All of this in a legal and transparent way. Your Income Tax is the main source of funding for the Municipal Fund for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (FUMCAD).

How to contribute to the project through Income Tax?

You can allocate up to 6% of the income tax due as an individual and up to 1% of the tax payable as a legal entity for the year of 2018. To get an idea of the amount to be donated, you can consult your statement from the previous year or through a simulation in the Federal Revenue application. RFederal Revenue.
Valid only for individuals who will declare income tax in the full form and legal entities that declare in the Real Profit modality.

Get to know the main initiatives of the Natural World Project:

Formation of City Farmers

We train pedagogues to be autonomous and responsible for one or more Urban Gardens using the concept and activities of City Farm in our training course for City Farmers taught online with trained professionals from Northern Europe and UK.

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School groups’ Tours

We carry out thematic activities in real green havens in large urban centers. The goal is to bring nature’s field closer to the little ones who are used to spending most of their time indoors.

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Notions and countryside Experience

We provide the greater experience of the countryside within the city, in an attempt to redirect children's attention to nature, helping them divert away from the excessive focus on smartphones, computers, electronic toys, etc.

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Partnership with schools and urban gardens

We are dedicated to building a solid link between schools and urban gardens, including, in a systemic way, ensuring mutual benefits and providing students of all ages with a practical and fun experience on different topics related to the preservation of the environment.

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Monitoring by trained professionals

All activities will be supervised under the direction of highly qualified pedagogues for guaranteed safe learning for children of all ages, with special attention and respect for different age groups.

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Awareness of environmental education

We make the little ones aware of environmental sustainability and the correct use of natural sources (air, water - rivers and oceans -, land, etc.).

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Promotion of Social Inclusion

By working in public schools (and with street children) in addition to private schools, we thus ensure social inclusion that we defend so passionately.

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Projects #ArborizaRuas & #MaisMatas

We promote the planting of more tree-lined streets in large cities and mobilize children to reforest areas close to the Atlantic Forest and the Amazon Forest.

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Our history

The story of The Natural World Project was inspired by the experiences of Adriana Coelho, founder of the project, who collaborated with Fattorie Didattiche from Italy (a term that gave rise to the name Fazendinha Didática) to expand her concepts through activities with children in City Farms in northern Europe.

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Our Commitment

Find out more about our values and how they guide our actions. We want to engage communities, build green-friendly consciences and work with intent and purpose!

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Our Initiatives

◦ Online Training Courses for Environmental Instructors;
◦ Community Urban Gardens;
◦ Actions on sustainability and environmental education.

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