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Discover the heart of the Natural World Project

Our team is the heart of this project. Without them, we would not have the pleasure of introducing the Natural World Project the world. Our purpose is to create healthy and sustainable communities!

Adriana Coelho

Founder & CEO

CEO and Founder at Sustainable Way Life Experience's - www.sustainableway.co. Italian-Brazilian. Born in São Paulo. Passionate about nature and City Farms. Graduated in Foreign Trade, and Specialized in Tourism at the Center of WTO-World Tourism Organization in Italy, Rome. she collaborated with several Tour Operators in Italy, England and Brazil for over twenty years. In the Natural World Project she found a way to create healthy and sustainable communities though interaction with nature... Currently studying ESG –Environmental, Social and Governance at CFI-Corporate Finance Institute of Summit Strategy Group, California.

Letícia Rodrigues Cuebas Hernandes

Pedagogical Advice

Letícia is graduated in Science & Technology and Chemistry from the Federal University of ABC (UFABC). She undertook two years of exchange at the University of Coimbra (Portugal) with an emphasis on Science and Chemistry Teaching, having experience in the areas of Natural Products, valuing the Brazilian flora, and Natural Polymers, with a focus on the development of biodegradable systems, on the use of microorganisms as natural enemies of diseases in plants grown in agriculture.

Janaina Ruiz


Since 2000, she has been working in Social Organizations, with Management Course for Third Sector Organizations by Anhembi Morumbi University of Saint Paul, Level I of Applied Neurolinguistics with Prof. Rubens de Queiroz. Trained in Third Sector by Master Adelaide Silva of ADTS, with training held at Itaú Social, Sebrae, Rede Filantropia, and others. Currently studying Political Science at Uniasselvi. Executive Director of Radar Social. Currently managing at the São Vicente SP Secretary of Social Assistance and managing member of the Third Sector Patrimonial Fund in Saint Paul.

Elisângela da Silva de Oliveira Souza

Pedagogical Mentor

Elisângela da Silva de Oliveira Souza Pedagogical Mentor Postgraduate in: HR Administration, Judeo-Christian Culture and Religious Education. Graduated in Data Processing Technology. Degree in History Ambassador of the "Education Paths Possible" Project at the Greater ABCDM. Coordinator of the Entrepreneurial Education Center of Associação Educação Caminhos Possíveis Co-author of the books: 1) Which of me are you looking for? Women in Education - Editora Dimensão - 3rd Ed - 2016; 2) Education Paths Possible - Volume 1 - Editora Versejar - 1st Ed - 2019; Educação Caminhos Possíveis - Volume 2 - Editora Educacional Gênesis - 1st Ed - 2021. Creator of the Projects: Blank Pages - Educational Project; Undertaking Mauá; Afternoon of Women - Female Entrepreneurship; Night Chat - Business Project and Educational Project Educar para o Trabalho.

Who We Are?

The Natural World Project exists to promote environmental, ecological awareness and respect for nature and the farmers who work the land.
Make people's lives and the world a better place!

“This Mother Earth is our home: we dwell in it as much as it in us. Respect for Mother Earth and nature is therefore our innate nature and an integral part of us; we are an integral part of the entire universe(...) If we do not know how to respect Mother Earth then we cannot respect ourselves.” - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

We want to create awareness and respect for the environment. We want to change the concept of country life in the minds of children and their parents who live in urban environments. we want to train conscientious and responsible citizens.

The role of the Natural World Project is to transform the lives of people and the world for the betterment of all mankind. for this reason, we want to raise awareness and make individuals aware of the option for more sustainable habits. we want to make organic food more available to the consumer, minimizing waste, ensuring a balance between population growth and food production, as we believe in sustainable agriculture.

The Natural World Project creates a new concept of rural man living in the city. We want to show children, young people and adults how pleasant and charming it is to be in contact with Mother Earth.

What is the vision of the Natural World Project?

We are an organization dedicated to building conscious citizens who respect mother earth. We believe that the love for the land is capable of creating connections and transforming the world in which we live. We invite thousands of people to engage and disconnect, at least a little, from the digital world, in order to reconnect with nature, transforming their community by installing urban community gardens to build a healthy future for the next generations.
We are an organization created in August 2017 that seeks to spread the rural concept of right living through practical experiences and activities with the participation of children of all ages and social classes in children's schools (private or public) in any urbanized city in Brazil and the world.
We want to amplify the strength of the voices of those who work with the land, creating a sense of socio-environmental responsibility to governments, companies, financiers and society. We invite you to be part of this transformation!

We are proud to propagate thousands of urban community gardens, helping millions of children from two years old to teenagers, through agricultural awareness and through our various activities to the Natural World Project as a way of transforming habits, concepts, values and lives.

“Our goal is to educate children and young people with a view to promote healthy eating and conscious consumption through understanding the relationship between production techniques, product quality, improved health and the environment.” Adriana Coelho, founder of the Natural World Project - Brazil.

What does the Natural World Project do?

Our work goes beyond environmental, ecological awareness and respect for nature and valuing the sacrificed work of the farmer. Through our initiatives, we want to demystify the vision of children by implementing the innovative concept of rural people in large cities and raising awareness about the importance of healthy eating, seeking to improve the quality of our little ones’ lives. We will encourage A greater respect for nature to create healthy citizens who are aware of the importance of Mother Earth.

“The Natural World Project came to create a new image of the man of the field in the city. We want to create a totally different concept. Children see the country man as unimportant, but in fact, he does a very important job. Children grow up thinking that the farmer is a poor man, whose work is tiring and unpleasant. The country man is rich, healthy, wise and knows how to respect Mother Earth and brings food to his family”. Adriana Coelho, CEO of the Natural World Project.

Get to know the main initiatives of the Natural World Project:

Formation of City Farmers

We train pedagogues to be autonomous and responsible for one or more Urban Gardens using the concept and activities of City Farm in our training course for City Farmers taught online with trained professionals from Northern Europe and UK.

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School groups’ Tours

We carry out thematic activities in real green havens in large urban centers. The goal is to bring nature’s field closer to the little ones who are used to spending most of their time indoors.

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Notions and countryside Experience

We provide the greater experience of the countryside within the city, in an attempt to redirect children's attention to nature, helping them divert away from the excessive focus on smartphones, computers, electronic toys, etc.

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Partnership with schools and urban gardens

We are dedicated to building a solid link between schools and urban gardens, including, in a systemic way, ensuring mutual benefits and providing students of all ages with a practical and fun experience on different topics related to the preservation of the environment.

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Monitoring by trained professionals

All activities will be supervised under the direction of highly qualified pedagogues for guaranteed safe learning for children of all ages, with special attention and respect for different age groups.

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Awareness of environmental education

We make the little ones aware of environmental sustainability and the correct use of natural sources (air, water - rivers and oceans -, land, etc.).

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Promotion of Social Inclusion

By working in public schools (and with street children) in addition to private schools, we thus ensure social inclusion that we defend so passionately.

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Projects #ArborizaRuas & #MaisMatas

We promote the planting of more tree-lined streets in large cities and mobilize children to reforest areas close to the Atlantic Forest and the Amazon Forest.

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What are people saying about the Natural World Project?

“The Natural World Project transforms lives! What I liked most about Fazendinha is the space for children to work with a vegetable garden. My children live in an apartment, so a space like this inside the city is wonderful. With this awareness about healthy eating, I can guide my son to have a better quality of life in the future”, Ana, mother of Maria.

"My son did not eat vegetables and when he participated in the project, he learned to eat. Harvesting vegetables stimulates the child's curiosity and encourages healthy eating for them and for all participants. They will know what they are eating. The goal is to take their attention away. electronic devices, consumerism and making them have a greater contact with nature, with outdoor activities, in a healthy and safe way ".

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Our Story

The story of The Natural World Project was inspired by the experiences of Adriana Coelho, founder of the project, who collaborated with Fattorie Didattiche from Italy (a term that gave rise to the name Fazendinha Didática) to expand her concepts through activities with children in City Farms in northern Europe.

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Our Commitment

Find out more about our values and how they guide our actions. We want to engage communities, build green-friendly consciences and work with intent and purpose!

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Our Initiatives

◦ Online Training Courses for Environmental Instructors;
◦ Community Urban Gardens;
◦ Actions on sustainability and environmental education.

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